Climbing Kit


Working with TreeStuff, the GOTC has put together what we think is an excellent climb kit.  It contains high quality components that should provide the serious climber with years of comfortable, safe climbing. Climbers should seek training from a qualified instructor prior to solo climbing.

Included in the GOTC Climb Kit are:

1 -  150' of Dragonfly climbing rope

1 Petzl Elios helmet (women may wish to request the Elia helmet)

1 New Tribe Tengu saddle

1 1000' spool of Target Line, throw line

3 utility bags, 1 for ground throwing, 2 for saddle attachments

2 cambium/friction/rope savers/sleeves

3 Rock Exotica Pirate auto/positive locking carabiners

2 screw gate carabiners

3 Weaver throw weights: 2-14oz, 1-12 oz 

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