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“Promoting safe and environmentally respectful tree climbing practices for adventure, education & fun.

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What is Recreational/Technical Tree Climbing (RTC)? RTC uses ropes, saddles, and techniques proven safe for both climber and tree, to ascend into the crowns of trees and the canopies of forests for recreation, exploration, exhileration, education, research, exercise, and fun!

What is the Global Organization of Tree Climbers (GOTC)? The GOTC is a democratically-run US501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to growing the practice of safe RTC worldwide.

History: In 2007 a group of some of the most experienced tree climbing instructors and facilitators came together with the goal of creating an inclusive, non-profit, and democratic organization to serve our growing community. From that initial meeting arose the GOTC, an organization dedicated to serving the recreational, adventure, experiential and educational tree climbing communities. 

The GOTC Board and Council are made up of instructors, facilitators, and individual climbers representing a diverse range of tree climbing related communities and interests.  Our areas of focus include:

  • Promoting safe practices for rope and harness tree climbing.*
  • Providing learning opportunities and services for individual climbers.
  • Increasing access for tree climbing.
  • Facilitating professional growth and accreditation for instructors and program leaders.
  • Forging links with outdoor experiential organizations and the public.
  • Fostering wilderness, environmental and climber ethics.

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The GOTC will not set standards for individual, independent, solo climbers operating outside the formal arena of program, facilitated, or instructional climbing.  The GOTC acknowledges that a vast array of techniques and styles exist for those climbing at the personal and informal level, some of which may be inconsistent with those employed in more formal programmed settings.

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