Global Organization of Tree Climbers

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The GOTC provides a welcoming space for tree climbers to meet, climb trees, and exchange information.

By climbing together, we improve our skills, share responsible and ethical climbing methods, and meet other like-minded people who care for nature and trees worldwide. Our members include tree climbers from all over the world who have gravitated together based on a shared passion for forests and climbing.

The Global Organization of Tree Climbers is a democratically-run 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to growing the practice of safe Recreational Tree Climbing worldwide.

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What is Recreational Tree Climbing?

Recreational/Technical Tree Climbing (RTC) uses ropes, saddles, and techniques proven safe for both climber and tree, to ascend into the crowns of trees and the canopies of forests for recreation, exploration, exhilaration, education, research, exercise, and fun!

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