About the GOTC

Founded in 2007, the Global Organization of Tree Climbers has members, recognized facilitators, and recognized instructors around the world.

The GOTC supports recreational and professionals in the following areas:

  • Promoting safe practices for rope and harness tree climbing.
  • Providing learning opportunities and services for individual climbers.
  • Increasing access for tree climbing.
  • Facilitating professional growth and accreditation for instructors and program leaders.
  • Forging links with outdoor experiential organizations and the public.
  • Fostering wilderness, environmental and climber ethics.

Our signature event, the Tree Climbers Rendezvous, is held in different locations across the US and worldwide each year, working together with local organizers. This unique event brings new and old climbers together to share, learn, network, and have fun in the trees.

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In 2007 a group of some of the most experienced tree climbing instructors and facilitators came together with the goal of creating an inclusive, non-profit, and democratic organization to serve our growing community. From that initial meeting arose the Global Organization of Tree Climbers, an organization dedicated to serving the recreational, adventure, experiential and educational tree climbing communities.

GOTC Board

If you are interested in joining the GOTC Board, contact info@gotreeclimbing.org


Griëtte van der Heide
Boulder, CO USA

Eric Folmer

Vice President

Eric “Treewolf” Folmer
Berkeley, CA USA


Normer Adams
Fayetteville, CA USA


William Cottrell
Athens, Georgia, USA

Board Member

Curtis M Andrews
Waukesha, WI USA

Board Member

Tammy Bills
Akron, MI USA

President Emeritus

Harv Teitelbaum
Tree Climbing Colorado

GOTC Council

If you are interested in joining the GOTC Council, contact info@gotreeclimbing.org

Landon “Yeti” Smith 

Joyce Yousoon Kim
Seesaw Tree Climbing 

Genaro Macchiavello 

Sori Kim
Seesaw Tree Climbing

The rest of the leadership team

GOTC Ambassador

Newsletter Editor

GOTC Committees

An excellent way for you to become involved is to join a committee. Committees are active on an ongoing basis.  The committees operate independently as best works for the members and report to the monthly board and council meetings.  

Please consider joining a committee that fits your interest and let us know by email to info@gotreeclimbing.org

The committees are:

  • Rendezvous Planning Committee  – Works with the main Rendezvous host and the venue on the planning of the Rendezvous.
  • Website Committee – Develops content and works with webmaster to update the site
  • Newsletter Committee – Develops content and publishes newsletter
  • Outreach Committee – Works on communication strategies and resources.
  • Scholarship Committee -Solicits, evaluates and awards scholarships to individuals for Rendezvous expenses.
  • Special Needs Clients Committee – Develops and coordinates special needs facilitating programs.  
  • Finance Committee – Develops and oversees budget.

Be a part of the GOTC!

Join our community as a member, partner organization, or facilitator/instructor.