GO Tree Climbing

“When you climb up into a tree, you feel an almost immediate feeling of peace, of connecting with something deep-seated and right. More than a commodity, more than a resource, more than a place, trees are home. We belong in nature and in trees.”

– Harv Teitelbaum, President Emeritus & Founding Member of GOTC

Recreational tree climbers ascend trees for exploration, adventure, connection, relaxation, education, and for fun!

Recreational/Technical Tree Climbing uses specialized rope, harness, and techniques to allow climbers to ascend into and explore trees. They ascend into trees for recreation and to explore the canopy and study trees, wildlife & forest ecosystems.

Tree Climbing Facilitators and Guides are trained to conduct tree climbing programs. Facilitated Program Climbs and Guided Climbs enable inexperienced participants to experience the joy and thrill of climbing tall trees. Program and Guided Climbs are used in recreation and adventure/experiential education programs.

The equipment and techniques utilized by tree climbers and tree climbing facilitators & guides are designed to keep safety at the forefront of the climbing experience. Arborists climb trees to perform their work using these same systems due to their dependability, safety effectiveness, and ability to climb trees that are otherwise inaccessible.

Host a Climb

GOTC recognized facilitators and instructors can provide support and information for organizations and facilities interested in hosting a recreational group climb.