GOTC Environmental Principles

GOTC is very much pro-nature, and we strive to keep damage to nature to an absolute minimum. What follows are some of our environmental principles we would like you to keep in mind.

  • Promote respect for and responsibility to the natural environment.
  • Strive for minimal impact on trees and the surrounding land. Limit group size in a tree.
  • Intentional damage to any tree, or other integral part of nature, is never appropriate.
  • Don’t contaminate water sources, climbing locations, or camping areas.
  • Practice the rule of “pack it in, pack it out” to leave no trace of our visit to the climbing area.
  • Use extreme care with fires, even organized campfires in designated fire pits.
  • Respect wildlife – in the tree and on the ground. Avoid climbing trees with nesting/sleeping animals.
  • Be friendly with rangers, strangers, and visitors you may encounter onsite. Explain your tree climbing activity in a friendly and professional manner.