Tree Climbers Rendezvous 2024

Rendezvous Dates:

Friday September 20, 2024 to Tuesday September 24, 2024.

(potential for Pre and/or Post Rendezvous is currently in discussion)
Registration deadline is September 8.


Center Lake Bible Camp, Tustin, Michigan

GOTC is contracting with Center Lake Bible Camp for this year’s Rendezvous. Like the other church camps, Center Lake is an all inclusive venue with camping and lodging options as well as complete food service and numerous activities included.

All prices listed for the full event, with a stay at Center Lake, include:

  • your chosen accommodation for 4 nights
  • 11 meals (starting with dinner on Friday, ending with breakfast on Tuesday)
  • free unlimited use of canoes at the lake
  • high ropes course
  • climbing walls (kids and advanced)
  • access to hiking trails and many trees
  • swimming
  • event t-shirt
  • access to all workshops, presentations by speakers, etc.
  • access to a facilitated climb (TBD) if you’re not a climber
  • campfires

Lodging Types

Prices listed here are for the entire event (4 days, 4 nights).

All prices are the same for climbers and non-climbers.

Tent ($545 pp)

‘Rustic’ sites (unlimited). Shared bathhouses. 

RV ($665 for one person/the RV pad, $575 each additional person)

Includes hookups. Six available. Only one person needs to sign up for the ‘RV Pad/Owner.’ Additional RV inhabitants can sign up as ‘RV Guest.’

Camper Cabin Bunk Bed ($575 pp)

6-8 bunks (12-16 beds) per cabin (nearly unlimited availability). Restroom facilities are in the bathhouse outside of the bunkhouse.

Bear Cabin Bunk Bed ($625 pp)

8 bunks (16 beds) per cabin (2 cabins, 32 beds total available). Similar to a bunkhouse. Two bunkhouses together with a common lobby in the middle. Each cabin has bathrooms. Perk: heat and air conditioning. 

Guest Cabin Bed ($675 pp, family/friend options available – see below)

2 more cabins available (2 already reserved), bed types vary (and may change slightly). Shared bathroom in cabin.  No heat or A/C.
One cabin: 1 room with 1 queen bed, 1 room with 1  bunk bed.
One cabin: 1 room with a full bed, 1 room with 2 twin beds, 1 room with a bunk bed and a twin bed.

– If you want the guest cabin for your family or friend group (3+ people), please have one person sign up as ‘Head’ (this person will pay the fee for the room) the rest can sign up as ‘Guest Cabin – Family/Friend Group Member.’ DISCLAIMER: if you do not reach 3+ people we reserve the right to rearrange your party over the accommodations/add additional people to your accommodation.

– If you sign up for Triple Occupancy this means you will get your own bed but will share the cabin with at least two other people. It is extremely likely that you share a room with someone (first come, first serve for better rooms). Pairs will receive priority for queen beds.

– Note: we are, to begin with, setting two cabins aside for triple occupancy sign-up only

– We strive to allow as many people as possible to enjoy these Guest cabins.

Loon Lodge Hotel Room (single: $1075 pp, double: $835 pp, friend/family options available)

Hotel-style rooms with 2 queen-size beds, private bathroom, and A/C. Four rooms are on the first room (one room is ADA accessible). Five are on the second floor (no elevator).

– If you want the hotel room for your family or friend group (2+ people), please have one person sign up as ‘Head,’ the rest can sign up as ‘Family/Friend Group Member.’ 

– If you sign up for Double Occupancy this means you will get your own bed but will share the room with one other person.

Off-site 4 Days ($575)

You are free to find your own off-site accommodation of course! A bunk bed is still included in the price (this is the base price), in case you change your mind. Just send us a quick message in that case. 

Information for participants (climbing and non-climbing) who can only join us for 1, 2, or 3 days and/or nights. These short-stay participants are termed ‘visitors’ on this form.

Starting at $175

We welcome visitors (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)! To visit for a day, 3 meals and a t-shirt and event access are included. The same if you are a visitor for two days (6 meals, t-shirt, event access for two days). The same for three days (9 meals, t-shirt, event access for three days). 

Visitor – Day Rate  – 1 day ($175)

Visitor – Day Rate – 2 days ($295)

Visitor – Day Rate – 3 days ($410)

Place close attention: Center Lake BC has separate day rates (does not include the overnight stay) and overnight rates (does not include your stay during the day time). So we will ask you several questions about your stay as a visitor. 

RV site/pad (+$50 for 1 night)

Tent/RV Guest/Camper cabin bunk (+$0 for 1  night)

Bear cabin bunk (+$40 for 1 night)

Guest cabin bed (+$45 for 1 night)

Loon lodge room (+$150 for 1 night)

Staying before and after the Rendezvous

You are welcome to arrive early (10 AM onwards) on Friday. The latest you can leave is 2 PM on Tuesday. You can find our current schedule of the event here:

Michigan 2024 Rendezvous Schedule -Running Document (will be finalized just before the Rendezvous)

Your stay will include simple meals (camp meals: not specifically catered to vegans, etc. – standard items like salad available).  They don’t run ‘manned’ activities (e.g., the ropes course) pre/post Vous, but you can use everything else (e.g., boats, etc.) and enjoy the property as much as you want.

Your accommodation must be the same as the one you chose for the Rendezvous days. 

E.g., arriving on Thursday and overnighting Thursday night in a Guest cabin bed means adding $60 for one day, and $40 for one night).

Tent/RV Guest/Camper cabin bunk ($60 day rate, +$25 night rate)

RV site/pad ($60 day rate, +$45 night rate)

Bear cabin bunk ($60 day rate, +$35 night rate)

Guest cabin bed ($60 day rate, +$40 night rate)

Loon lodge room ($60 day rate, +$135 night rate)

Discounts for children

– For children ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 discounts are available.

– For young infants ages 0, 1, 2 attendance is free.

Children’s Discount 1 Day (-$25)

Children’s Discount 2 Days (-$50)

Children’s Discount 3 Days (-$75)

Children’s Discount Entire Event (-$100)

Workshop, presentation, silent auction:

If you (or someone you know!) are interested in giving a workshop or a presentation, or you want to donate items to the silent auction, you can tell us about that here as well.

Pre & Post Vous;

Please let us know if you have any suggestions/wishes for sites to visit during the Pre- or Post-Vous. Want to help organize the Pre & Post Vous? Please let us know as well 🙂

One option is this awesome National Park with an amazing name: 

You choose your fee option on the registration form.

For questions contact:

Tree Climbers Rendezvous 2024

This year’s Rendezvous will take place at Center Lake Bible Camp in Tustin, Michigan.

To learn more: keep an eye out for the next newsletter and/or follow us on social media (GOTC_Facebook and Instagram: @gotreeclimbing). See you in the trees!

We are seeking Silent Auction donation items and Workshop presenters.